EBW Live Events?

Earlier today, creepingjennie wrote a blog about how EBW has it's own cliques, like small communities that hang out in the various sections. The bloggers, the home-page-feature-commenters, the chatters, the gamers, etc. Not too long after that, killserisme107 wrote a blog mentioning a dream he had where he was at a party, and we were all there, sporting our user-names and avatars on our t-shirts. In the comments, some of us (including myself) began to speculate that if such a party were actually thrown, we would try to attend.


This got me thinking. Have we caught on to something? What if EBW were to host a live social event, a big party somewhere for the users to attend and meet one another face to face and party together? I think that would actually be pretty awesome. EBW certainly has the money to make it happen, and could even profit off the event if they charge for admissions and food and whatnot. It would also bring them a lot of positive publicity, and IMO it would make them stand out as being hella cooler than their competitors.


I wasn't kidding around, if something like that happened I would attend, I think it would be awesome to meet you all in person and have a big party together. So I wrote this blog for two reasons... the first was to bring this idea to EBW's attention, and the second was to ask you all to comment whether or not you would attend.


EDIT: A lot of people are suggesting that the only problem they foresee is location. They would love to attend, but only if it's in their area. So what if the EBW bash goes on tour, and is held at several different locations across the country at different times?

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