EBW Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and on EBW site,

the regular bloggers were writing... blue, jennie, haUmight.


While RJM, JISM, GRILLZ, and a few unmentioned noobs,

try to talk the ladies into showing their boobs..


God loves Demeter, we all know that's true,

but where the hell ya been lately? heard it's the man flu.


Dread, dozer and shays finally head off to their beds,

and all night thoughts of Dazzler dance in their heads.


To the comment trollers... you're treading thin ice,

creepingjennie is checking who's naughty or nice.

She's creeping the comments to see who's about,

she won't think twice, make ya GTFO!


The noobs see who can hit top user the most,

jackizdikov is waiting for you to submit a repost.


Jerkjerkins and tunatickler... woot!woot! ROLL TIDE!

damn I'm glad omfg is on my side.


There's a need to mention ttbardj, r2d2, and kb,

and lest we forget... UofL3000 is free!!


AXP090909, I'll kindly ask in advance,

this year give someone else a fuckin' chance.


Ebaum, BuG, MikeyP, and all staff,

thanx for the great year, the entertainment and laughs.


For our friends not mentioned that help make EBW fun:

collegepics, itsDaChief, mrhahn530, Ellimem, garadain, triggergun..

disturbed01,micrkr, dan_richard13, Alishaab, SGT4EVA, showmaster & deadsaid,

here's a toast to you all with a huge Irish Red!


And so now we break into an unpredictable new year,

with no worries, for LordDread's ninja posse is here.


For the haters, one-raters, of future and past,

Merry Christmas to you too... but you can still kiss my ass!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!



I am EggOnlyEgg, and I was tipsy when I wrote this.

Uploaded 12/22/2008
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