Eco Tax, Axed!

Two days ago I submitted, (at NowPublic), a story on a protest in front of Ontario Premiere Dalton McGuinty's office. There was about 500 people there including myself. We were angry about an illegal tax that was placed on 20,000 items overnight. Two of the worse examples of this tax gone bad was with the purchase of cement and bleach. A bag retailing at around $4.00 was taxed at $5.00.  A jug of bleach retailing  for 99 cents was eco taxed 37 cents. I don't understand why cement was taxed so high, the disposal of cement becomes a clean fill product, which is much sought after.

Many people believe, there is nothing we can do as citizens for such matters,  here is an example that disproves that belief.

Of course, we still need to keep both eyes on this criminal organization, never know what else they will try to sneak through!


The Ontario government will scrap its controversial eco fee on Tuesday in a bid to quell consumer confusion and frustration from major retailers.

CBC has confirmed that Environment Minister John Gerretsen will announce that the fees retailers started charging on thousands of new products on July 1 will be eliminated.

A source said a waste-diversion program will continue.

Canadian Tire announced Monday that customers wouldn't be charged eco fees starting Tuesday. The company says the program is too complex and was mishandled by both government and businesses.

The government gave Stewardship Ontario the power to collect fees to fund a recycling program that diverts potentially hazardous items such as fire extinguishers, household cleaners and paint from Ontario's landfills.

But there was no public warning that the eco fee, which was introduced in 2008, would be slapped on thousands of new items this month.

Uploaded 07/20/2010
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