Education system

I was told to write a blog I could defend. so here I we go. I;m writing this because useually the discution about education misses the point.  The education system as I know and am  a part of it by being a student, is the most fucked up thing I know.  What I believe to be the worst part about it is that unless you get 80+ and goto University or at lest College, your fucking dumb.  Some of the smartest people I know never even finished high school, the way they teach us at school is to give us a point of view as the right one. They don't teach us how to read a one sided story and form an opinion of the other side. I never realized it untill I had a teacher who taught how to form opinions. I know what ur thinking right, crazy ass teacher making us his minions, no, he showed us how to criticaly think, to be honest I still have trouble with it every now and then.  In the end though I find the way schools to be now is that things are done one way, new technology is evil and to be shuned, we don't have a gun problem at ym school but we are getting metal detectors to keep cell phones and mp3 players out of the school. The schools are become more and more crazy every year. I am not allowed to wear a hat but a muslim girl is because it's her religion, well FUCK that. I already live in a rasicit enough place I don't need to be told her religion is more importent then the rules.

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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