This was inspired by a picture I found on some random site that shall remain nameless due to the fact that I love the fact that I know something you don't, like the website the picture that inspired this blog was from.  In no way is this poetry.

what the hell is so wrong with you?  It's the best time in your lives yet you continually throw yourself into any black clowds that present themselves while avoiding the good in life.

Why is it you threaten yourself with suicide but never actually do it?  And when you do, you continually fail?  Why is it then that you complain and grow even more emo when people don't give you the attention you wanted?  Why can't you see that no one cares that you think life is a shit hole that isn't worth living?  We all know it sucks, but we suck it up and keep going.  Why can't you?

Why is it that whenever you're at school or at home, you will ignore what friends you have with the excuse "No one likes me"?  Why is it that whenever someone approaches you with the intention to open up to you and give you the attention you want is barked at and dismissed as "someone who doesn't get it" when their life could very well be worse off than yours?  Why is it that "you're" the only one who has any problems, that whenever someone has a worse day than you, you will call them weak and a pussy with the excuse "I have to live with it everyday"?  You want to know the truth?  We know you're life is a cushy little heaven of leasure and comfort.  We also know that you're only doing it to gain attention, but will try to reach out anyway incase of the slim chance that you may have a real problem.  We hate you because we know this and still get treated like shit by you because "Our lives are handed to us on a silver platter while YOU have a tough time getting your parents to pay attention to you".

On that note, Why is it you ignore your parents, the same parents that feed you, clothe you, and pay for your education?  Why is it you write blogs and poems about your Dad not getting you that blouse for your birthday while he's downstairs paying the bills that allows electricity to run through your computer so you can continue to write blogs and poems about how your parents don't love you?  One thing you should know:  At least you have both of your parents, if any at all.  You have no idea how many kids face the fact that they're adopted or that their Dad left them because he didn't care enough to support them, and yet you bitch and moan at the fact that your Dad only got you a 1g iPhone instead of the 3g.

Here's the point.  You grew up in suburbia with both of your parents while dozens of "friends" showered you with affection and attention.  You want to know why your life sucks?  Because you complain that the friends you have don't pay enough attention to you.  You bitch at the fact that your parents couldn't get you a new phone or jacket because they spent all of their money on a family vacation.  This same vacation that you refused to go outside because you were too busy txting and calling the same friends that don't pay enough attention to you.  No one feels sorry for you.  So either wake the fuck up or kill yourself the correct way that will actually work, because we don't need you unless you finally realise how much of a leech you're being to society.  That is all.

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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