End of the world...

So we've survived another predicted apocalypse.   Congrats everyone for making it so far!

I mean that.  

Seriously... when you think about it... the closest most of us will ever come to seeing the end of the world, is watching idiots use religious text and made-up math equations to predict it.  Me, I believe we have more serious and likely shit to worry about.

 May 21st was actually the last day for a few people.   Because it's May 24 weekend, some 4 people died of drunk driving accidents in Toronto alone.   Almost ironic really.

There's so many things that could kill us at any time,  it's silly to focus on predicting some celestial event.   I wonder, how many people had massive heart attacks worrying about when the end of the world was coming?

Life is more privilege than it is our right.  No matter what we try and do, we will never be able to avoid death.   At some point in our lives, it's going to end... chances are (probably somewhere around %99.99) that you will die from something other than an apocalypse. 

Even if we did know when the end of the world was going to happen... we couldn't do shit about it.
When I go, I hope it's quick and sudden.   I don't want to waste what precious time I have left, worrying about everything I don't have the time to accomplish.   I would much rather try and enjoy life.  No matter what I do to try and prevent it, there will always be that chance I get hit by a bus. (Well, I could avoid traffic like the plague.... but you get what I'm getting at).

Uploaded 05/22/2011
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