End Times

As things begin, to come to a close,
Dark times are ahead, I think everyone knows
Weve had a good run, but all things must end
Im not the only one, who foresees this trend

Those that are wise, read the landscape ahead,
It doesnt take a genius, to realize, with dread:
Theyre pinning us down, theyre heading for war
Hell, were already, involved in three or four

And by us, I mean them, that lead all the states
Because now they only, represent what we hate,
Politicians claim, they work for the people,
I disagree, however, these mens morals are feeble

They devalue currency, to a lunatic degree
They take so damn much,  then giggle with glee
Meanwhile, their cash, loses any real worth
Theyll continue to steal, til the end of the earth

And the earths indeed ending, I detect it in the winds,
The world is unstable, as she floats and spins
500 year storms, have swept cross the plains,
Hurricanes so numerous, cant keep track of their names
With rain so deep, and storms aplenty,
Earthquakes and tsunamis, do not move gently
They tear up the landscape, and mar the terrain
If you look, it adds up, if you have half a brain

I cant tell you, if theres a God
I have my thoughts, and Ill give it a nod
Well see which religion was actually true,
Muslim, Christian, or was it the Jews?

Or maybe theyre related, more than some would admit
Or maybe our mythology, wont mean a bit
Ill keep an open mind, at what has begun
But make no mistake,  the End Times have come
Uploaded 01/23/2012
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