Energy drinks are like piss

So I was in a big cheese wagon with most of my fellow classmates dring from a small town in ontario to montreal (its in quebec) a nice long 8 hour bus ride to a 2 day long party that the person spent over 50,000$ on (complete waste of money) any ways there was some drinking on the way over causing a lot of bathroom breaks but at one piont in the ride there was one kid who just could not hold it anymore so he decided to pee into a can of monster. Now not wanting to keep the can in the bus he decides to throw it out the window and it just so happens to hit the front grill of someones car and get stuck on it. This may seem bad for someone to findĀ  can of piss nailed to the front of the car but not just that happened - the lady in the car had her sun roof open and almost all of the piss splatered up over he windshield and into the back of her carĀ - So later on in the story the bus takes a stop a little while longer and the lady in the car pulls into our stop with us. She takes the can from the front of her car and demands to talk to the person who threw it out of the bus. So she is bitching the kid out flailing the can in the air with the piss going every where. She has drips of it all over her now the funny part about the whole situation is she just thought it was monster energy drink she had no idea what it actually was. After bitching this kid out she brushes her hand threw her piss covered hair. The kid offers to pay for everything but she wont let him go she calls the police and waits for them to get there - So she dosnt want to press charges in the end but instead just gets the kids facebook (she was kind of hitting on him)... So that is all

Uploaded 06/28/2009
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