English rebels

Theres been a lot of talks about the rebels in UK and it seems like the rioting people are having fun spreading chaos in their own country, I dont recall any such revolts in the Unites States. so theres this group of people who like to get angry and let that anger loose on the streets its cool I respect that. but why do you do make your country pay for it, theres so many ways to relif yourself from yo anger. it reminds me of the pesant rebel from 1381

Im a fan of history and if youre a history geek like me you probably heard of it too, so the peasants revolted because there was this black death era and instead of the law that told the peasants to stay where their lord ruled, the lords told them they could go and they went away and if they wanted to go back their lords told them they couldnt go back to their own village. its like they were banished

So later the pesants went to find better lords and soon the lords made laws that they couldnt get payd more and the pesands didnt like it they rebelled and went to London to petition the king.

Whats so different here? its because now theres people trying to act like their revolt means something but they are vandals they dont fight for somethig they steal and thrash things out of bordom, its not anything like a revolt, its people who are fools and like to cause trouble
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