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Why hello there motherfuckers :)


Its been a while... again. I dunno what the fucking matter is. I just have writers block and I dont find time to do this little thing I do so much anymore. I really wish I had a computer at work. I have so much spare time, I could blog every day, upload content like I used to. Ive been drawing A LOT for the past few months and Im getting better at it so I like it but... Ive been coloring so much that my fingers are starting to hurt in strategic pressure points from the pencil crayons. Plus, im getting a very yucky case of moist hands. I have to roll a tissue and squeeze it in my hand while Im coloring to absorb the moisture. Why am I telling you this? Cause I fuckin feel like it. You love that dont you. meheheheheh


Ive also been spending gargantuous amounts of time on youtube lately. I created an account and started subscribing to awesome shit like the microwave show, sxephil, ctfxc, =3, shanedawsom, shaytards, whatthebuck, cutethingsexploding and many more. Yes, thats a shitload of videos. No, I dont go out much. What do you care? I like my living room a whole fucking lot when nasty canadian winter is pwning the outdoors. Troll on me for it if you please, Ill be amused.


Since ive been watching so many vlogs, I sort of became addicted to the concept and Id really like to start my own. Ive been a blogger for a while but I could try it on camera, evolving with technology... whatever! I just need to start learning editing. If I get started on that project, Ill need to invest in a good camera and some wider hard drive space. Having a nice, performing laptop would solve the problem for me because I could totally do my editing at work since im grabbing my own ass half of the time over there.


So what about you guys. Do you ever follow vlogs or watch nerdy youtube shows where a bunch of guys microwave stuff that isnt even food?


Tasty soups FTW!!!!

Uploaded 02/01/2010
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