Epic halloween prank

So this one halloween me and my friends decided to pull some pranks on some people. My friend Steve and I found a big pile of crap in Steves yard and put it in a paper bag. We decided it would be fun to bring it to one of our other friend marks house and light it on fire at his door step. We lit it on fire, rang the doorbell,  and ran behind a bush to see the reaction. He answered the door and must have known the trick so he just looked at it and went inside. We were kinda dissapointed but we waited to see what he would do. We peeked threw one of his windows and saw that he was talking on the phone. We didnt think much of it so we waited some more. Roughly ten minutes later we here sirens. Right then Steve just books it down the street but I was dumb enough to stay behind the bush. I looked threw the bush and saw that the sirens were coming from a firetruck followed by the police. By this time the fire was already put out but the fireman comes up to the door inspects the bag and talks to Mark for a while. The police then start to investigate and walk all around the house with flashlights. While this is happening I am still sitting behind the bush for about an hour and a half until the police and firemen leave. i thought the night was a complete failure but as I was walking away two little kids walked up to the house top "trick or treat" and i hear one of them scream "EEw is stepped in dog poo."

Uploaded 10/22/2008
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