Everyday Life takes its toll!

I patrol the streets of Gotham, everyday it seems like the never ending struggle against crime seems to be barring its toll, I often wonder how much longer I can keep this up. Running a one man operation, the anxiety is killing me on the inside, I have gone long enough without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, but now I ponder the euphoria of a blue 1mg Xanax.

On top of thing Yesterday Alfred was upgrading my communications database and managed to knocked down a OC-129 quantum-data encryption communications point-to-point relay between the bat-server and Local Gotham PD, so I have no radio or navigational communications in the fifth south sector of Gotham, I land on top of Wayne Towers, and look down on this wretched city, I inhale a long breath, the city lights blare against my eyes as I begin to free fall into the cloudy smog  beneath me,  the rush you feel from gliding makes this all the better, it was a short night, I returned home. Removing my cowl I stay into the empty eye sockets,I guess everyday life takes it toll, I am the soul of this suit, I am the night, I am BATMAN!!

Uploaded 05/14/2012
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