Everyday Oddities Of Living Downtown

Fuck yeah people! Ive got another bizzaro story about deeply flawed shitheads. I called the cops on some asshole again.


I was watching some music videos on my puter and I realised its trash day and that I should take out the bag in the kitchen before little white worms start crawling all over the place. I looked outside to check if the truck had already passed and I saw some hobo guy fishing for cigarette buds. Hes sitting on my door step and theres a small bag of white powder by his foot...

He got a full slam of BitchZilla (copyright on that) I opened my door and yelled at him to fuck off my property or id call the cops and slammed the door on him before he could reply anything. I went back inside for my cell phone and the stupid fuck sits down again! Who the hell does he think he is? I dial 911 and re-open the door and give them the guys description while hes right in front of my face.


He was like: hey im not doing anything what youre doing there? I couldnt believe this guy is watching me call the cops and describe him and hes not running away

- Hey motherfucker, dont you ever sit your ugly ass on my door step again. Leave now before its too late!

- But.. im... im not doin shit why you yelling man? damn.. (his jaw is loose and he looks like he has 2 lazy eyes and got scratches on his face)

-Oh fuck you, how dumb do you think i am. i saw your dope so if you stay here you either get my foot in the face or get taken away in a police car. Your choice.


He then shut his meth hole and started walking. Police showed up 2 minutes after. I had seen the guy walking to the next corner so I told the cops and they went after him. I hope this little piece shit is gonna tell all his dopey hobo friends to stay clear of my turf or there will be hell to pay.




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Uploaded 06/02/2009
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