Everyhting a conversation while blazed

This is a AIM conversation between A cloud and a monkey, and the insight the could gave the monkey from high highly elevated position, since nimbus was just floating and soaring high. This will be edited and cleaned up shortly to improve readability as soon as nimbus lands.

NIMBUS 12:39 am    I am so highNIMBUS 12:44 am    dude, I just tryed to play one of the black sheep folders and my computer was tripping over itself and I had DotA by Basshunter plaing in the background and it was breaking up, and my world was disentagrating and reforming as it broke up and then caught back up with itself that was god damn trippy    and know when I type I am not actually typing to you but IO am controling a starship that I am piloting through the sound waves created by theis muscic...    lightspeed!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am so tripping out dude it is god damn irresponsible    I am the highest I have been since I smoked at home that one night    I can see the enenmy    fire    blastoff!!!!    turn behind that G    Fire! death!!!!!    gothat fuckewrMonkey 12:46 am    my eyes are completely crossedNIMBUS 12:46 am    This  is a god damn apocalypse in this place. what the fuck am I doing?Monkey 12:46 am    I just got done reading all of thatNIMBUS 12:46 am    Why am I reading what I haven't finished thinkig in my headMonkey 12:46 am    ahahahaaaaaaaaaa god ONIMBUS 12:46 am    holy shit my keyboard is typing faster than I can actually say the god damner woerdfs    WTF???Monkey 12:47 am    ,I,,m ficlom jogjNIMBUS 12:47 am    jogi?Monkey 12:47 am    I'm fuckin high    sorru it's bad    oh shit    I thouught I was talkin to chris but it's you    god my contacts are foggyNIMBUS 12:48 am    nopNIMBUS 12:48 am    you need to save that story I really want to read it.    I can't really know what I am typing because I am starring through the leyboard and just typing on llight    I am controling sound volume, intensity, and time with my hands    I am in the best possible interface between man and sound    nothing has come closer or even can.    skuytre is the name I will give to this high     I shal never again refer to that word to a high until I reach what I am reight now    the bass is slowing down and I never miond the beat picked back up to a ridiculous speed and I can know type agianNIMBUS 12:50 am    my hands are at adomn ravew and playibng ddr to the what I want to type    thhink about yping like a ddr gameMonkey 12:51 am    jesus    otNIMBUS 12:51 am    everythingyou think comes down from our subconcious creative self, you r spirit or soul so to speakMonkey 12:51 am    itNIMBUS 12:51 am    and from there it puts out ideas,Monkey 12:51 am    s so jard to typeNIMBUS 12:51 am    and the mind than sends the arrows down to your hands like arrows on a ddr padMonkey 12:51 am    nice dudeNIMBUS 12:51 am    I just comparted the creation of ideas and such to palying ddr and I am so still playing ddrMonkey 12:51 am    this is a pretty fuckin epic tripNIMBUS 12:52 am    I am soaring    now I am playing the piane    and itis so cool    this was the best idea we have had this weekNIMBUS 12:52 am    my man, magic gold is the one for me I think    I am forever in love with the nice smell of that incense    mmmm... like a grenade, it blows your fucking mindMonkey 12:53 am    haha this is an awesome storyNIMBUS 12:53 am    you let go of the spoon (that is what I will from now refer to as pop the spoon! which will trigger release so the blast will blow your mind Monkey 12:53 am    I'm saving this in a text file for when I'm actually consciouosNIMBUS 12:53 am    to a place I that involves sound and light and time.    space is needs lessMonkey 12:54 am    I wish I was in a room with you right now    so we could ride this fuckin starship to infinity and beyondMonkey 12:54 am    that's my saying when I'm this fuckin highNIMBUS 12:54 am    if there was no space but only conciousness and time, then it would all be one, and the only thing to tell the conciousness of any change was the passage of time,     but that would be enbelievable unrewarding, but it would take that counciouness eons of time to deveop the thughts to formulate that    upon whch conciousness become intelligence    and with that god was createdNIMBUS 12:56 am    he thought so long and pondered the universe as the ultimate philosiphor, he formulated what he thought would be the best wayto live or be, but he could not think of everything, since he was nothing, since there is no space    so once he realized what he needed, it became, because inside our conciousness live worlds we create, ideal wordls and perfect scnarios. sane peple try to suppress these as day dreams or fantasies.    great men see that these things may be possible, and attempt to enact what they see through political, military, or economical means    or, on the unfortunate sides, violence, murder, terrorMonkey 12:58 am    dude holy shit can I come over    I have too many things to focus on this computer is the devilllNIMBUS 12:58 am    the insane are the one who censor nothing and realease all to the world and are viewed    no    both my roomates are sounds asleepMonkey 12:59 am    damn    same hereNIMBUS 12:59 am    just lock it up. do the things we value, intelligence, knowledge, the thng sthe original conciouness created out of passage of time.    the reason a god could see back and forward is beacuse there is no lookingMonkey 1:00 am    you are like a fuckin zen warriorNIMBUS 1:00 am    it simple. time is conciousness, but conciousness is time.    withouit the other they cannot existMonkey 1:00 am    one hand washes the otherNIMBUS 1:01 am    so when they are together, which they have to be since they are, conciousness creates time in the same way the time shaped intelligence out of counciousnessMonkey 1:02 am    hahaaa I fear nothing!NIMBUS 1:02 am    and once the conciouness was able use intelligence to formulate the idea of space, it came to be, as previously stated.    upon that, he could manipulate the world any way that he saw fit, since it is part of him, since he created, it is part of himNIMBUS 1:03 am    he created an ideal world, and gave each pieve of his creation pieces of his conciousness    Bing band? that was the formulation of the ideal of space    that is why there simply was nothingMonkey 1:04 am    you are blowing my fucking mindNIMBUS 1:04 am    the conciouness thought it and BANG it was    and with that idea were pieces, tiny tiny fragments of conciousness, same as how we put a little bit of ourselves with each idea we have, whether it be a rhyme, song, dnace, art, paper, idea, invention, or idea or thoughNIMBUS 1:06 am    and as the pieces scattered, they formed and slowed as he thought about what space would be like, act like,     that was the creation of natural laws    that is why he can ignore them    he knows thay are nothing more than part of himself, so he can bend them to do things that he wants done outside of what the natural laws would obey    these pieces, small pices such as the tiny atom to the human beingNIMBUS 1:08 am    these were all things hat were formulated as he further refined his ideals of how the universe should unfold according to these laws he set down    you could view this as a domino line that a person simply knows over to see how the desgin he created in his mind would play out. the next approach is like a architect, who supervises and makes minor changes in the plan as ir unfoldsNIMBUS 1:11 am    he has a final ideal that he wants this to look like, and he made the laws, so he never really interferes, and iff at all rarely    minor interferences to tweak his well thought out design    the next is like a painter. he is directly invovled with each brushtroke of the worlds unfolding as it appears in his minds ete    eyeNIMBUS 1:13 am    and he knows what is going to look like in his head, and he is carefully and purposefully using each brushtrke to guide the universe, as art is the closest to the image in the minds eyewe can ever come    some try through literature    some through math    science    law    politics    thus the various professions we have of the inteligista    philosophy, diplomiccy, major economics included in those    the ones who have attempted to hone intelligence, as the original conciouness didNIMBUS 1:16 am    these men and women attmept to change the world to match their visions. but one can never "out think" god because what you are thinking is a part of his conciousnessMonkey 1:16 am    god damn did you do some cokeNIMBUS 1:16 am    that small piece is developing, and when you die it will go back to the conciousness    sometimes the pieces may happen to come back    others stay there and are with or part of god    the prior mentioned view is reincarnation    and would have been deveopled by an part of the conciousness that was developed there beforeNIMBUS 1:18 am    since conciouness itself is not bound by space, concivable it could think of infinite things    infnite does not exist because measure is irrelavant becuase space does not exist    time is how the cnciousness lets the world unfold    time is the only constant    consiuosness is also a constant, but what is conciousness?    it is a function of time, since there would be none with out the otherNIMBUS 1:21 am    the other view could be that everyone goes to rejoing the great energy or great being or universal conciouness, which even then is an inadeqate description since there is no measurement, and universaly mean across all that is, or for everyone    he simply is    thus, I AM Monkey is available 1:32 am3 days.. 8d and 1h agoCommentMonkey 1:33 am    yo you wanna meet in a study roomNIMBUS 1:34 am    why?    whats up?Monkey 1:34 am    i just wanna ehar you    you're on a rant    it's so hard for me to readNIMBUS 1:35 am    I know dude    but I can't fucking talk    thi s is the interface needed    words can tangle things, be stumbled upon, misunderstood, twisted    ideas cannotNIMBUS 1:37 am    that is why I realease my whole idea onto this just to ensure it is not interupted by anything that space can come into contact withMonkey 1:38 am    god    btw I have 30 lbs of cheez itsNIMBUS 1:38 am    it is hard enough thorigh my interface with the light and soundMonkey 1:38 am    me too    and me eyesNIMBUS 1:39 am    my mind, well the mind of other man, has created ways to manipulate the space around him for his own benifit. some lower creaatures have learned to this for thems elves.NIMBUS 1:40 am    such as sounds. we cutrol the air which is then hitting the physical bodies that were originally though up as our intellignece as a secieces reproduces    unlike the consiousness wh is completely unihibited by space, he has no need to reproduce, since he simply is, and there is no beginning or end.    we cannot comprehend how that could truly work simply because we are bound in our logic that space is a constant'it isn't    that is also why we reproduce, to spread oursleves    that is essentiall what he is doing in a way with the creation of the idea of space. he was expanding himslef.NIMBUS 1:42 am    because there is space and in the creation of this particular universe he thought that as time passes, we should slowly break down according toth enatural laws.'    also, since time is there as long as there is conciousness, he concievabley could have created so many various niverses every time it started and ended according to how he desired at the time. Likle a computer, when we input simulation.    the conciousness is using the idea of space and time and cociousness creating something, and the way that he currently imagines that interaction is up to himNIMBUS 1:44 am    he is simply trying to expand his own consiousness by allowing these ideas to run there course.    unlike him he needs no invention or building, vecause what he thinks simply becomes, and there is no delayMonkey 1:45 am    tell me this movie isn't a good movieNIMBUS 1:45 am    that is why computers are the only threat t the conciousnessNIMBUS 1:51 am    if you think, there is nearly no space when it comes to computers. concievable, it could if given enough time and at the same time stimulation from the world it is in, intelligence could simply become. it would simply be as the passing of time. where as the conciousness had time as its only stimulation. as time came into existence, it was done at the same time that the conciousness gained intellegence. It was able to realize that there was a change. time always existed, same as the consiouness, because if there is neither there is nothing. or at least nothing concievable by us. for us, we imagine nothingess as what comes after, which is to become part of the conciousness, or rather to no longer be applyed to that creation of itself. for it, there is probably the notion of a true nothingess. for us it is totally inconcievable, but for it it probably took eons of contemplation before it was able to grasp it    also, there is no young or old    it simply is    it may have been occuring for a long time, but again our image of time is conieved by the interation of space with time and conciousness. NIMBUS 1:56 am    Thus. time created conciousness, conciousness created time, and conciousness breed intelligence with the pasing of time, as time was formed upon the creatiion of conciousness, Everything feels time, but the way that time plays out according to the conciouness. This is the Theory of the time, conciousness, man's views of a god(s), afterlife, creation, and apcalypse. this is all. This is closest man can come to explaining the unexpalinable in the terms of idea expressed through language, then interfaced with light, sounds, energy to create words, a subfuntion of language/    I must go to bed. Save this idea, it is the purest form of truth. That is what ideas are. They simply are.

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