Everyone got Hate, like a fukn iPod...

Since when did it become 'cool' to be a hater? since when was it tha normal to bring other people down, even if it doesn't benefit them? People are just so jealous of others that they can't stand to see someone doing well. People need to open their eyes and realize tha way things are going won't last long. Mainly in tha US.. tha presidential campaigns have really brought civil squabbling to an all-time high. People are wishing death on Obama.. simply because he has a vision and wants to help America and it's people, what tha fuck is wrong with that? I was a moderate before tha campaigns began.. and as I research issues and views of each candidate I realize that Sen. Obama is a much better choice for me and everyone around me. Sen. McCain may have him beat on foreign policy, but to really be effective, u must be diplomatic during foreign relations. If I was tha son of a Oil-Tycoon CEO, McCain would be my pick. But as a small-fry that most of u are out there, small-business owners, working class, you are gettin shit on by McCain.. Obama will take tha $4 billion tax cuts away from the Oil companies and give it to tha hard workin little guys, whats wrong with that? I just think that tha more divided a nation becomes, the weaker they appear. Politics aside, people should just wake up and learn to tolerate other people in the world around them. They aren't going away, deal with it. So many haters.. as a rule of thumb:

Worry about yourself and how you are going to make it, Don't worry about what the next guy is doing. Don't try to make your way by getting over on other people.

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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