Everyone's Got a Blog

(I respect my fellow bloggers here on eBaums. This is aimed more at the YouTube type of bloggers. I enjoy interacting with the folks on here)
Everyone's got a blog
and nobody knows shit
assholes and elbows
They don't really expose it

They don't get to the matters
or cut to the heart
science and math,
reading, and art
all one in the same,
if you really examine
Just try to maintain,
try to manage
manage to get,
through the end of their vid
without falling asleep,
droopy eyelids

I've got ADD,
I think it's in me
or maybe even,
Deficit Disorder,
my attention on leash
Otherwise, run wild,
like a loose beast

Get to the message,
down to the quick
and make it interesting,
otherwise don't give a shit
You may think its easy,
to write all these words
Well, let's see YOU do it?
I think that's absurd!!
Years of patience,
and honing a craft
Is what I bring to the table,
what do THEY bring back?

I like things exciting,
 and right to the point
let me ponder a work,
over a smoldering joint
Helps with depression,
 helps me relax
So I can get off the defensive,
and on the attack

It seems to me,
these dicks are addicted
to narcissism,
and arrogance conflicted

Everyone's got addictions,
and for me there is art
although weed is always,
quite good for a start!!

Uploaded 05/19/2012
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