Explaining Outlaw Biker patches

One in Particular as it has been asked a few times what it means....The 30 seconds patch.
This patch is usually worn on the left breast section in plan sight on the 1%er vest. It is not a patch worn by all but the few that do wear it, do so proudly and have earned it. The meaning is very basic "it takes me 30 seconds or less to kill you with my bare hands." This is not just a phrase that has been stated to put fear into your heart, it is something they have actually achieved and have given them the right and pride to wear this patch.

I have been pretty much raised by and been around a certain 1%er Motorcycle club and this is how I know this. Any other questions of patches you have seen and would like to learn the meaning of just let me know. If I do not know the answer I will not give you a BS answer so your questions will be answered as I have been explained them.
Uploaded 11/10/2010
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