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First, I'm glad to say that I really like what I see here on the threads lately. I would stop in on ebaumsworld every once and awhile after "the great divide" of ebaum from this site and just see pure nonsense about literally nothing. now I come on and the first thign I do is pattle with hugErection about punk music. I then went out to the threads and saw talks about religion and how much it sucks. So I'd like to say thank you for bringing culture back to Ebaums....except for you hugErection...your still a fucking moron. Anyways! I have my own discussion I would like to hold. Three evil words. Facebook. Fan. Pages.


So I come back from class, get on facebook checking to see if anybody left me any messages for tickets or free sex or anything like that...and I see in the corner "5 new Page Suggestions" Well what is this? I ask to myself (out loud too I may roommate was asleep and thought I was talking to him so we proceeded to have a conversation about his Aunt while he still slept...he does weird shit when sleeping) So I click on this little link and a list of fan pages come up. I will read them to you- "Lost ma phone, thro yo numba on here so I can get atchoo"-ok first off...what the fuck? This guy was in college. I just have to say GET THE FUCK OUT! Who speaks like that in fucking college? and second...what in all holy hell is an atchoo?

Second-"Legalize it-Marijuana Prohibition must end"-This is definately the most productive of the groups I was introduced too and I even joined....but seriously I've seen a hundred stoners create a hundred more legalize it pages and you know what it does? SHIT! It does absolutely nothing and just because a bunch of people "click here to join" does not do anything in reality. It may show politicians that the people want change BUT if and only if there are literally staggering numbers. I mean millions. There were 100k in this group and you know what it means? Absolutely nothing.

Third-"10 things you didn't know about women"-my friend I've been in a relationship for 3 years and the only thing I've learned is this. FUCK IT! You will never learn anything about women. They're human rohrschach tests and cannot be interpreted correctly. So 10 things? try a thousand.

So, FUCK facebook pages and their pointlessness. I don't want to be a fan fo you, your dog, or your new energy drink. So fuck off.

Uploaded 05/08/2010
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