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There has been a misconception that I'd like to clear up. Earlier there was a blog on "Learning how to shred the guitar with lightning speed in days" and briefly it talked about what to do to achieve this. It said to buy an expensive guitar. The more expensive the better. Yes, most name brands are set up good, but not all the time. Buy a nice amp and a multi effect board, yet doesn't recommend which ones and what size and how many watts. Then learn different styles of picking. Well that's great but shouldn't someone learn how to play the basics first and kinda get to know the guitar better before attempting really difficult moves? Even so, then it gets weird! It says to get bitten by a vampire and learn the discipline of Celerity and thats where it lost me as I'm sure it lost most of you. However, taking in to account that the blogger was trying to be dismally funny I respected the first part of the blog and made a comment. I had stated that one of the most important things was to make sure the neck of the guitat was straight! Because if it is not, the guitar goes out of tune the higher you go up the neck towards the octave (or 12th fret) and no matter what amp you have, or what guitar you have it will sound like crap! Fact! The term is called "intonation" and if a new player gets used to it being out of tune, that person will get a real bad ear for music and have a hard time playing with anyone that is in tune. Well that person (as usual) had to put me down and tell me what an idiot I am and that I don't know squat. Well this person loves to play games and start shit (as you may know) and is good at keeping an argument going. Well I decided to go on the net to see if my comment was correct. Was there a chance that I was wrong? mmmmm No! I've played off and on for more than 30 years and my Dad is a pro. I don't claim to play like Yngwie Malmsteen , Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson or Stanley Jordan, but I know how to set up a guitar and one of the most important things is to make sure the neck is straight or the rest of it is pointless. To prove my point here is some text I copied from a guitar site and there are many more that state the same things. Please read the highlighted in red.



There are a few things to look for when buying that guitar.

1. How does it play? Meaning is the action of the guitar right for you? Standard or wide fret neck as well as action I will get into below.

2. Is the fretboard straight? Look down the side of the neck at the strings to make sure you see no warps or that the strings kind run off to one side or the other. They should look all in line perfectly from side to side with perfect spacing!

3. Does it stay in tune? If a guitar does not stay in tune longer than three minutes it's worthless haha! Actually it should stay in tune longer than three minutes even. But you get the point.
4. How is the intonation? This is very important because if you are playing several chord shapes up and down the neck and it starts sounding out of tune on certain ones as you move up and down the neck or using different chords. Then this guitar needs

work even after you buy it. (The guitar if new may need what is a called a "set up", and that should be free! as in (6))

5. Play this guitar for awhile before purchasing it. Play a few songs on it, or if you are a beginner? Have them play a few on it to make sure it sounds right to you!

6. If it does sound out of tune up and down the neck you will want them to do a full setup on that guitar before you ever decide to buy it to make sure the intonation is set right and it is playing great! If they do not want to do this for you? Then I would not trust them to begin with to make any purchases in that store.

7. After they set it up, play it again for while to make sure it is better. If not? Then more than likely that guitar is flawed and not worth buying.

8. Also look at string height from the neck. You don't want the string to be so high off the neck they are hard to push down. It should feel like butter on an electric guitar and even on most acoustics nowadays that are decent.

NOTE: Acoustic is always a little harder the electric guitars.

9. Look around the neck area (and the back of the headstock) where the neck meets the wood of the body of the guitar. This is a mistake many people do not look for. Even in new guitars this can happen. If there are any hairline cracks in the paint there is more than likely a crack in the body and this can be very bad!



Now if you wish to see for yourself, click the link below or copy it.


When I write about something I state facts and don't try to sugar coat things or make shit up for attention, but I also don't take any shit either!

This person keeps wishing to harrass me then tries to get me to be her buddy? Screw that! Oh and by the way, she also threatened me by supposedly calling the police because she say's I violated copyrights. Well gee, when I get pictures or videos, they don't have "copyright 2012" on them. and if she thinks having a logo from another location on them is a copyright, then she's wrong again! If they are protected then you can't download them. I've tried it. Even if they were I guess she better turn us ALL in then! Right?


Anyway If you're gonna play guitar, start off with an acoustic so you can train your hands to be tough, and you don't need to spend more then say 300 bucksto get a decent one. Do what it says up above or in the link. When you get better, then go to an electric. It'll feel like you just got a Cadillac. So many times I've seen kids have their parents buy a 2,000 dollar electric and then 3 months later they loose interest and there it sits! 


Thanks for letting me clear that up and hopefully she'll be a little smart and knock off the crap! If not, oh well!

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