Failures in Society.

Society is a victim of trends. I hate the fact that some of the "trendsetters" of todays society are so fuckin retarded and removed from real life that they are leading blindly. Police officers might have an idea of what the real world is like, but they have made the decision to be as corrupt as possible in order to better themselves and their families rather than helping others realize that a change is needed in order to better our world as a whole. In a developed country, mainly North America, poverty and homelessness should not be a problem. We have the resources to house and feed the generally small population we have on this side of the planet. But back to the false trends we have all fallen victim to, such as the Justice system, which is quickly becoming similar to business politics, where it pays dividends to know someone in a position of power, such as a judge, cop or politician. When will people everywhere open their eyes and analyze the flawed system? When you have inconsistancies as common as the justice system does, its time to right the wrong. The pioneers of our North American countries have little to no bearing on the way tha world is today, we are faced with problems that they would never have been able to ever foresee. Yet we believe we should stick to their guidelines and take their words literally. If the law was based more on the bible than a constitution or charter, our world would be in a way better place. When a cop brings a "criminal" before a judge, and he is given a large sentence and a criminal record, that "criminals" life will be ruined for the rest of his years on earth. The cop and judge could give a shit, and they go and take a lunch break. The criminal, who very well could be innocent is thrown in jail never to return into society properly. Even when he is released his opportunity to appeal and ability to get a job that pays more than minimum wage is slim to none. The judicial system has convinced themselves that their work is justified and that they are so personally righteous, that the people they judge are beneath them. Not that we dont need a justice system in place to punish actual criminals, but as it stands it needs a serious re-vamping and psychological assessments should be in place to determine the conscienceness of the rulings the judges are tossing around. Another thing that needs to be changed in our world is the forceful hand of the government in joining the armed forces. If troops are being deployed into warfare that isnt supported by the troops, nothing will ever be accomplished. If everyone faced the facts and realized that they dont want to be a part of a pseudo-dictator murderous conquest for oil and stood up for that belief, how could they punish them all? Court-martial 75% of the military? The people outnumber the "leaders" the sooner we understand that, the sooner we will be the ones in power. That being said, the treatment of the military leaves something to be desired. These brave men and woman are out there risking their lives only to recieve minimal payment and a mandatory 8yrs sentence. Is that what patriotism has come to? The government should treat them like celebrities and their wages should match. It's not so, and never will be. Do we really need to wait until some major crisis/disaster before we reform our ways and re-evaluate our current society? Personally, I can't wait.

Uploaded 07/22/2008
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