fallout 3

i have fallout 3 and ive been playing it alot. its a really fun game. the leveling system and there differnt abilitys and perks make it very entertaining. theres a wohle bunch of guns and alot of things that you can make. you can also be good bad or nutral. i was a good guy for a while until i desided to blow up a city full of inocint civilians. but i did get a nice hotel sweet and my own robotic butler for doing it. you can try and find 20 bobble heads too, which adds a little bit of exploration to it. i have found 2 of then and each one gives experience to a differnt thing. you should definatly go get this game because its just so much fun. the thing i don't like about it though is the graffics. the world is so big and the look distance is so great that the graffics had to be sacrificed a little. moving from place to place is slow, but after you've dicovered some towns you can telliport from place to place.

Uploaded 11/02/2008
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