Top many has it monopolized?

Farmville has become an epidemic in this well as others....many others.  Farmville was clicked more than Google last month....put that shit into perspective.  My question is why?

Have our lives become so boring that we must rely on virtual lives to be fulfilled?  I think that's becoming the case with a lot of people.  I personally know people that would rather talk online through Facebook, Myspace, etc. than go out somewhere and have to deal with real people and real life situations.  I find that to be strange.  I think social networking is causing people to become agorophobic with social anxiety. 

I tried farmville after my wife was begging me to join so she could get another neighbor.  I must admit after trying was addicting for some reason.  I can't figure out why it's so addicting to this day. don't get's boring as hell if you really thing about it.

So....I said...fuck farmville...I'm gonna make my own farm's more rewarding...and I'll get something out of it.  I planted a 1/2 acre garden, I'm raising chicks that will later give me eggs, I'm raising baby goats, and I stocked my fish pond.

If something happens in this country such as the dollar falling miserably in value (which it will) I'll still enjoy fish, eggs, chicken, milk, goat meat, and a crop full of vegetables and fruit while the rest of you playing farmville....will enjoy not being able to play farmville anymore due to the incredible high costs that your internet service will go to and starve to death.


...and this is daily affirmations with Eshel.

Uploaded 04/18/2010
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