I don't care what anyone says...farts are funny. They sound funny, it is funny when they go off in inapropriate situations, and it is really funny to see peoples reactions to farts.


In my car I can lock the power windows so I am the only one who has control. So naturally I use this to my advantage when I can feel a fart purculating inside me. I love to wait for the right moment, lock the windows, turn the air conditioner to the setting that recycles the air inside the car and let one rip. My favorites are those really quiet ones that are kinda hot (silent but deadly I believe they are called) because these ones your passenger can't hear and you get to watch their facial expression change as they catch a wiff of the sbd (which smells like a burning full baby diaper made out of sulphur covered hair) and suddenly they go "aww wtf...dude did you fart?" and you can't help but laugh at the commotion being caused by one little silent hot fart.


Nervous farts, accidental farts, farts you are trying to cover with other noises so you can claim that you didn't fart...these are all funny. Sharts are funny long as you are not the sharter.


So next time you need to fart...don't be give birth to that fart and enjoy the chain of reactions around you that were caused by a little intestinal gas.

Uploaded 04/24/2011
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