Fat People

I swear to God, if I see another hugely obese person I'm going to vomit! I went to Wendy's the other day for a couple items on the dollar menu and I am asked to pull up a little to wait for my food to come out. I comply. Well, now that I've moved up, I have the whole view of the inside dining area. There is this fat, nasty woman with her husband (or whoever) in there, just packing in the fries. She's taking up two chairs (at least!).


This reminds me: I fucking HATE it when fat people try to fit into the booths where I work. You're fat! You are embarassing yourself by trying to fit into that small booth!!! There are times when I want to suggest rubbing butter on the side of the table so we can slide them right in. There is nothing more disgusting than watching a fat person eat.


I watched a George Carlin bit the other day, that's why this story came to mind. Have you ever thought about it though? How do these people wipe their asses? Look at those people who ass is so BIG that they have problems fitting through door frames! How do you locate that small of an asshole? Do you have to call for assistance? Do they just hop into the shower and hold their ass cheeks apart? I just know they get massive diarrhea from all the greasy shit they eat too. Gross!

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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