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Wazzup my homies? I'm just wondering what sort of books y'all like to read. I'm a totally nerdy bookworm dork, so I have about a zillion favorite books. I'm going to share a few with you, along with the reasons I like them.

Hearts in Atlantis: Stephen King is an amazing writer, and what could possibly be cooler than a book about the social changes going on in the 60's written by such a talented author? Of course, he is accustomed to writing horror novels, so this book did have its scary parts, though it is not categorized into the horror genre. That just gives it more dimension.

Cat's Cradle: Kurt Vonnegut is simultaneously funny and disturbing. His writing is so ominous that it's hilarious. This book made me fear for the future of humanity, but I was laughing my damn ass off the whole damn time. Awesome.

The Color Purple: Alice Walker is a genius. This book has everything. It's got humor, tragedy, romance, etc. The format in which the book was written was pretty cool. Her diction and syntax is intelligent and effective. I love it to death.

The Poisonwood Bible: This book reminded me of As I Lay Dying, at first, and since I hated that book I hated this one as well. I eventually found out that Barbara Kingsolver isn't nearly as pretentious and wordy as Faulkner. Her book also has more imagery, and the plot is more connected and complete. The characters are also more developed and believable.

The Satanic Verses: When my boyfriend first told me of this book, I thought it was a religious text of some sort, based on the title. My assumption was wrong, though. He explained to me that it wasn't actually a document for Devil Worshipers, it was the story of two guys who are falling down to hell, and the book is their conversation during the fall.

Naked Lunch: This book is about a crazy guy who insists that someone is stalking him, following him around, watching his every move, and documenting it all down. Then it turns out that the book IS the documentation, and the author was the stalker. Trippy as hell.

Sophie's World: A book about philosophy, written in the context of a mystery novel. Need I say more?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Anyone who has seen the movie(s) knows why. Of course, films never do justice to the literature from whence they came, but even so, it came pretty damn close. With most books, I write down quotes and lines that strike me as particularly clever or significant, but with this book, I might as well just xerox it page to page.

Well, that's it. Honestly, I have many more, but this is a pretty substantial list as it is, and I probably succeeded in killing approximately 5 minutes of your time already. So, what books, authors, or genres are the rest of you guys into?

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