Fear and Slavery, A Short Story.

It is simple, fear is slavery. There is little difference between the two until brave individuals born into it, fight or die to protest it.  The only thing that controlled masses of slaves in ancient civilizations was fear of death. The only thing that saved them were too few men who refused to be fearful of tyranny.

Fear of the whip is what controlled black slaves in America, it was not until too few men stood up to tyranny did the black man have a chance for freedom. Even after that too many men just accepted their fate and watched dictator after dictator destroy mankind, too frazzled and hungry to speak against such atrocities. 

Fear of death, equals fear of pain, equals fear of hunger, equals fear of displacement, equals fear of rejection, equals fear of inconvenience when the human spirit has been reduced to rat like status. 

Fear is the essential ingredient  of the fences we build around us. When you see the too few speak, respond, react as though there are no fences, pay attention, for they will lead you into freedom. 

Uploaded 11/30/2011
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