Fear Mongering: Televangelism

     So last night I couldn't sleep, and after mythbusters ended, a guy named Peter Popoff came on the Discovery channel.  He calls himself the Rev. Peter Popoff, but I don't intend on calling him a reverand, as I believe that is an insult to real men of God.  This douche nozzle specifically targets weak minds (namely minorities; not being racist) by promising "the riches of heaven will bless you financially in your own life."

     This con-man literally promises people that if they donate to his "church", they will be blessed with money.  The whole infomercial (because thats what it is, a pseudo-religious infomercial) is centered around suspicious testimonials of half-witted folks praising Popoff and saying he and God gave them money.  There's never an explanation, just "and God blessed me with a check in the mail for 5,000 dollars!"  This guy is in the same echelon as Benny Hinn, Jim Bakker, and any other religious con-man.

     What really caught my attention was this douche's method of extracting capital from a dumb populace.  The only white guy in the whole broadcast was Popoff.  Every testimonial was from a middle-age to elderly black person.  The speech Popoff uses is a form of heightened ghetto vernacular.  He pans to these witless (often lonely) people and convinces them to give what little they have and promises them a great return on their investment.  He targets those with the least to give, because they are the most likely to give to him.  Just like the lottery... people with money rarely play the lottery because the risk is too great.  People with little money play the lottery because the potential pay-off is so great.

     Now, Popoff is not the first, the last, or the worst of these kind of sharks.  From a business perspective, he has found a niche, however unethical it may be.  Oh yeah, the worst thing I remember was the 'gift' he would give if you donated $50.  A vial of "holy water".  $50 and you get a 4 oz. bottle of tap water.

     I would warn people about him, but in this platform its unnecessary.  If you've read this far, I think you're intelligent enough to recognize this shit for what it is... shit.

Uploaded 06/30/2011
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