Fed up

So back in January of 2010 my department lost a fine officer.  He was a Lieutenant and had been on the job for almost 20 years.  So one night back in January he was on a traffic stop with two guys in a truck when one of them decided to shoot my Lt in the head.  Thank God there were witnesses around and they called 911 and there also happened to be two officers from a neighboring agency across the street who heard the gunshot.  Thank God every officer within 100 miles came out of the woodwork and chased these fucks down.  The chase went for about 50 miles and these two wastes of humanity were throwing tools and anything else they could out the bed of the truck at the pursuing officers.  (One of them crawled into the bed of the truck during the chase)  Finally the truck ran out of gas on a deserted two lane highway, so these two fuckers decided to shoot it out.  Well they only had handguns while just about every officer on scene had long rifles (AR15's) and shotguns.  Needless to say during the gun battle one of the suspects gave up and played dead while the other asshole continued to shoot at officers until he was hit in the leg just above his ankle.  In the days that followed he had to have his foot amputated.  Now one of these pieces of shit has filed a law suit against my department stating we used excessive force in his apprehension.  WHAT???????  This is why you should always kill the bad guy (if you can) when he shoots at you.

Now why am I wrting this here in this place?  Because I have been here for a while and feel safe enough to write my true feelings because nobody here knows me.  You don't know my name, what I look like or anything.  So for once I feel safe ranting about my true feelings other than politics and religion.  Since that night I cried like a baby, I began to hate my job and I really started to hate humanity.  Maybe it isn't hate, that is too strong, I think it is a deep rooted disgust that I can no longer hold back.  I think the breaking point came yesterday when a woman called to complain that members of my department were driving to fast while responding to a drowning call last week.  You know just about everyone here in Arizona has a pool, so we get a lot of drowing calls every Summer.  I wanted to tell this lady that if one of her kids was floating face down in her pool I would be sure and drive the speed limit and obey all traffic signals, but we all know how that would have turned out.

So here I am day after day fullfilling the needs of the desperate, the deranged, the needy and the undeserving.  To hell with them.  I know, not a good thing to say when there are those who are out there that truly need police officers.  But, unfortunately for them we deal with so many wastes of skin that by the time I get to a true victim I don't want to hear about his or her problems.  Unless your bleeding profusely leave me the fuck alone!

Sometimes I think if society collapsed it might be a good thing.  The leeches of society would perish becasue they would have nobody to rely on any longer.  The strong would survive and hopefully help the weak.  Men would become true protectors again.  Their decisions would be life or death and surviving and protecting the family would be paramount.  No more bullshit material possessions.  No more cell phones, computers, big screen TV's, etc.  No more mortgage payments, credit card bills, car payments... the list goes on.  We would be back to eating to live and fighting for survival.  I think many people have a secret desire to live in a world where decisions are immediate and the consquences are life and death.  Men can once agian be protectors and providers not just a wallet to the kids and a bill payer.  What kind of fucking life is that?  Men could grow up real fast and look like men again, not these metorsexual femmy looking emo pussies who wear women's clothing, paint their nails and wear lip stick in order to look as pathetic as possible.  I can't believe some women actually find that look attractive.

As soon as possible I am resigning my post from my department, I am moving back to Michigan, getting a job at Home Depot or if your in Michigan maybe Menards, selling tools or toilets or something and giving this ungrateful and materialistic society my middle finger and I will bare my white ass for them to kiss.  

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