Felt like writing

so i just felt like writing a blog so here it is...

so as im sure a select few of you pplz know im sick... i havent blacked out since friday so im obviously improving, my nose doesnt hust and neither does my throat... for some random ass reason i almost typed the word shirt instead of throat... weird... anywho... my headaches are still coming and going but im not throwing up anymore.... although i did throw up this morning while dmpin g out 5 day old chickin juice... blick... but ya im definately better...

on another note... i cut down a small tree in my bakcyard a lil while ago and saved some of the peices to carve... i sterted the first one today... its about 10" long and its going to be a dragon skull and spine im gonna post pics of it on ebw and then im gonna sell it on ebay when all 4 of them are done... the second one i do is gonna be a cane with a dragon head for the grip.. although now that i think about it... it might be a wolf... i'll have to look at it to find out... the second will be  a 2 foot long dragon with funky wingish tail thingys.... and the fourth one is about 3 feet long and im not really sure what it is..... we will see.....

and btw in about an hour and a half of carving the first one i scraped my fingers on my right hand 3 times on the wood and got a small blister on my right thumb from holding my knife weird to get the little angles inbetween the peices of bark, and i later popped it and now it stings like hellamoogles....

im on the third book of the dark tower series by stephen king and its gettin pretty sweet anyone else reading or read the dark tower books feel free to talk about it but dont spoil shit after they leave the town with auntie whatserface and the albino twins and all the old pplz..... but im not gonna say anything else cuz i dont wanna spoil it for anyone else....

Uploaded 09/23/2008
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