Feminism Needs To Die

There is a difference between women's rights and feminism.  Feminism use to be defined as a woman's right to choose a suitor, vote, not be abused, and learn to read and write.  Now feminism has become a movement to not give equal rights to women, but to give more rights to women in order to prevent hate and discrimination.  It has become an excuse to be lazy and to point fingers at others.

Let me first point out that this radical movement is rampant in countries that have more rights than men, not in countries where women are oppressed, such as many Middle Eastern and Asian countries.  In such countries, women can often be treated like furniture and have little to no rights.  Should not feminists be targeting their efforts for those who are oppressed and less fortunate than themselves?  Apparently they think not, after all, the Western Feminist movement is one inspired by malice, envy, greed, and bitterness.  They are not concerned about others, they just wish to blame all their problems on another and want to get away with everything.

Do not get me wrong, I understand that there are many tragic occurrences that happen to women in America.  I am not condoning anything that those sick reprehensible prejudiced people do to women.  Just like I am not condoning what racist things are done, or what non-racist crimes are done, or what non-sexist crimes are done.  Evil and crime occur, not every attack against a woman is reflective of all men or that it even was a hate crime.

Now the most common attack Feminists use is the rape argument.  Such an argument is ridiculous since the majority of rape accounts are same gender rape or date rape.  Obviously same gender rape is not accessible in their arguments, but I believe so is date rape.  On most occasions, I call bull on date rape.  Just because you feel pressured does not mean you are forced.  

Also, if women wanted to avoid rape, they should know by now to avoid precarious situations.  A woman who goes scantily clothed to a a kegger, drinks like crazy, forgets everything that night, and wakes up to being raped clearly was asking for it.  Since women are warned constantly by parents, teachers, friends, and the media about rape, putting themselves in ridiculous situations like that is foolish.  Especially since during the blackout part they cannot remember could consist of making out or doing something sexual with the guy.  One would blame someone who drives drunk and runs over someone, one would blame someone who walks in dark street corners obviously carrying millions of dollars, why should it be different with women?

Feminists argue that women have less rights than men.  I honestly cannot think of one right men have that women do not, save the use of urinals in public bathrooms.  Women are allowed to play in all mens sports (even though men cannot play in womens), women reporters are allowed to go into mens locker rooms after games (even though male reporters cannot go into womens), women are allowed to wear male and female clothes (where our society as ostracized men who do this), women are granted so many positions in companies and colleges (even though they dominate most of the work force and colleges now), and the list goes on.

Yes, pornography is so demeaning and unfair to women.  Obviously they could not possibly willingly agree to make lots of money fast.  How un-empowering it must be to take of your short and make men follow your every wish and demand, and fork over their life savings to you.  Pornography being demeaning to women is a joke.  Whats demeaning about absolute power?

Could not the reason why some men are prejudiced against women is because they are allowed to get away with everything?  Forcing rules and laws on people will only deepen the bitterness, it will not cause reconciliation.  I suggest in order to reconcile, we treat each other equally.  Women should have to ask males out on dates, pay for dates, dress modestly in public, be not allowed to wear makeup, and open doors for men.  If they want more rights than men, they need to take more responsibility than men.

Uploaded 04/22/2012
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