Fictional story by Fuzzy

Ive been working on a fictional story havent got a title yet be here it goes hope you guys like it and I would appreciate some feed back !


Wes was your typical high school boy, the problem was he had a dark past and a worst future, Wes went to school like any other person, but would often leave during the middle of the day, Wes had friends that always question him why he would just leave school, Wes never gave them a answer, Wes had two older friends Aaron and Phillip, these guys were already out of school and would often be the ones picking up Wes when he would ditch school, Aaron was a spontaneous person also a heavy drug user, Phillip also dabbled in drugs but was more humble then Aaron, these three guys were closest of friends, they decided to make a pact, to be and do whatever they please, be whoever they choose to be,


these guys worked hard on improving themselves, learning martial art forms, and with the help of a copy of the anarchist cook book these guys started to make a arsenal, one night they decide to go out for a drink, with fake ID's in hand it wasnt much of a hassle, they each order a pitcher and began chugging, Aaron yells out " another round of pitchers" after the second round, we noticed Aaron was getting a bit rowdy, Aaron jumps out of the table and walks over to a couple of bald guys playing at the billiards table, next thing we notice is one of the guys is swing for Aarons face, we jump out the table and head over to Aaron, Aaron kicks the guy in the nads, then knees him to the face, we quickly grab him and run out the bar, as we are walking back to the car, one of the bald guys friend pulls out a gun and begins firing at us, Wes gets tagged in the arm and quickly dives under the car, as Aaron unlock the car door and pulls out a hand gun of his own, Phillip makes his way to the other side of the car, the crossfire of gun blasting, make a person panic, the bald guys friend is running over to us still shooting and Aaron running out of bullets jumps into the back of the car, Wes still underneath notice the legs of shooter and sweeps them, the man falls and dropping the gun next to Wes, he grabs it and shoot the man he gets up from underneath and jumps into the car as well, by this time Phillip has started the car and they take off, as they drive down the street they notice the lights and sirens of the police vehicles, they look at Wes and both at the same time scream " dude are you ok" Wes answers its not that bad I think the bullet just grazed me, we need to get you patched up man, Aaron looks at Phillip, dude your moms a nurse right you think we can bullshit our way out of this one !......


To be continued....


Sorry guys I still need to work on it a bit more but I just wanted to share what I got so far!

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