Fighting ADHD with Marijuana.

There is a dumb lady that I saw on Ebaums who wants to use Marijuana to treat ADHD. This lady is going to try to get this approved by congress and the FDA, etc.

So far, Marijuana is only legal for Doctors to prescribe in a few states, including CA and FL. They can only prescribe it for Glaucoma and Cancer patients.

This really doesnt make much sense at all. Why? Because children and adults who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) they already cant pay attention very long and cannot remember things very well in the first place. When you smoke weed, from what I have heard, you tend to forget everything and even if you do pay attention, you wont remember what anyone said for very long any way.

I dont have ADHD, nor do I smoke weed, although, I sometimes may act like someone with ADHD that is smoking Cannabis and Crack at the same time! LOL. But from what I do know about both ADHD and Weed, it doesnt make any sense at all if you try to fight one with the other.

One thing smoking Mary Jane will do for someone with ADHD, is counteract the effects of Ritalin. People who take it, say they lose their appetite. Marijuana does just the opposite, gives people the munchies. At least that is what it does to people in the movies. LOL.

Uploaded 03/05/2009
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