Fighting Blogfags is Similar To Kicking Dragon Ass

Rus Ro Dah, guys! As a professional dragonborn, I know how to deal with dragons. I saved Norway from Alduin The World Eater and pwned a lot of his dragon minions. Blog trolls are similar to dragons when it comes for their nuisance. Take Letemdangle, for instance. He's posting boring shit about politics copied from other websites. Who cares about that shit? He's like one of those boring ancient dragons, so easy to lure and dragonrend them to the ground and flood them with fireballs/ice spikes.

What about the attention whores here? GIJoe, Rednote67, Fuzzywuzzy666... they are much like the dragons that have names - you'd think that they are somehow special because they are named, but they are the easiest to beat, since they don't level up with the hero. They keep posting the same troll shit over and over. Boring lot.

Let me tell you how to fight dragons. Don't engage them from the front - they almost always try to grab you with their maw and when you face them directly, they do a critical attack and throw you somewhere, like Alduin did to Gormlaith. Don't face the trolls here frontally - that's what they expect you to do. You get mad or upset - that's what attention whores here want. Read some comments from the idiots here. Best ignore the morons and let them post their shitty boring re-post articles and comment their nonsense like their opinion matters. 

Another bad idea is to attack from behind. Dragons use the tail whip attack. With the wimps here, you are sure to get a bunch of pathetic cheats. They'll use alts to 1star you and thumb your comments down. They'll flag your blog so it waits for the mods to put it back up, because they are childish. They also contact the same mods they give work with unflagging blogs to, about drama shit. They'll find your personal info and post it here. Don't try to fight them with the mods help. They won't do shit. The flags still occur. People still cheat the views. 

The best attack is to stand there and watch a dragon fight somebody and join in the right moment. Owning ignorant trolls is fun. Let them try to attack someone and then use your wits to own them.

The thing is - I already killed Alduin and a lot of his minions. I devoured a lot more dragon souls then there are shouts to unlock. The dragons keep returning and the bones and scales aren't even worth picking up - how many dragon armors do I need? Now I usually leave those bitches and go on with my business. You should do the same with some trolls here. It was fun to Neko-punch them, but I did it so many times and they keep coming back after a while. Many of my friends gave up on blogging and this place is a shit hole right now - there was a time when there were only 2 blogs posted a day. Like if that's not the best proof that this cess pool reached it's bottom, I don't know what is.

So remember, don't feed the trolls, don't fight them either. Leave them and without the attention, they'll go away. Dragons are already defeated and with Alduin killed, they're a bunch of stupid losers bugging your ass. Better explore some dwarven ruins. Did you know that you can access Blackreach through them and there's crimson nirnroot there? You can also encounter  falmers there. They are the enslaved snow elves, an ancient race that degenerated into goblin-like creatures in dwarven slavery. Very dangerous too

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