My cousins have a party last night which my friend and i were invited to. It was a graduation party and a whole bunch of their friends were going to be there. So we go and it is an alright party, really nothing special. So i see a kid throw a beer against my cousins fence and i go up to him like wtf are you doing? So this kid, not really willing to apoligize kind of just plays the whole thing off. I get him to pick up the beer he tossed and tell him to not look at me for the rest of the night. (Just fyi, im not trying to sound like a tough guy or anything in this blog, im sure you're all going to say that just getting it out of the way. I just hate seeing people blatantly disrespecting my families shit)

So next, kids start running and jumping into the pool. That'd be cool and all if the pool wasnt above ground. These kids are running, jumping, barely making it over the pool with their knees hitting the side of the pool. My uncle just fixed up the entire pool the week before because the sides were fucked up. So the first two kids i see jumping in i say, stop jumping into the pool, the fucking ladders right there if you want to go in. They hop out of the pool, mumbling shit under their breathe but they got the point and didnt jump in the pool again.

I go to my cousins at this point like, would you two like to get this place under control? Half the kids here are underage drinking and you got people acting like morons, do you want the cops to come and completely fuck your parents over? They basicly blow me off saying everything is ok. Now, two more kids hop into the pool, different kids. Again, i go over and tell them the same thing, stop jumping into the fucking pool. They too, get out of the pool. But then the kid who threw the beer against the fence tells me to "fucking relax". Im like i thought i said dont say a word to me? and then this kids friends start mouthing off to me.

Now im arguing with 3 of these kids and my friend is like 5 feet away yelling at another 3 kids. Then i see my friend smack one of the kids and on that note, i knew we were fighting these kids. So my friend and the kid he smacks start fighting. I run over, and punch the kid hes fighting in the side of his face, knocking him out. (I know, im so tough GRRRRRR) Then i get tackled to the floor and im rolling around with this kid just punching the hell out of him. I get to my feet and see that three of these kids have my friend against a wall. I run over and punch the kid in the middle in the face. My friend breaks loose and punches one of the kids who were holding him out cold. Nothings more funny when you see someone have that tough, fighting look on their face and after they get hit, that blank look takes their face over and they just crash on the floor.

Then i get tackled again. I get up quick and the kid who tackles me squares up against me, a perfect 1 on 1. I was just like, damn this kid really fucked up, three years of boxing against his frail ass? Game over. The kid throws these sad punches first and before his punches even get near me, i punch him in the face while hes coming in with a right. He's like standing up but just completely rocked. I crack him again in the face and he goes down.

The next thing i see is my cousins and my aunt kicking my friend out. My cousins hot friends are holding me back and 3 out of the 6 kids we were fighting are laid out with people helping them up. So i see my aunt and my cousins in front of the house and they start yelling at my friend and i.

WTF!!??! We get into a fight because these kids are acting like morons and i didnt want the cops coming to my aunts house  and then my friend and i are the ones who get in trouble? I was like you seriously got to be fucking kidding me. My cousins have yet to answer my calls or txts but my aunt did call and apoligize for yelling at us. 

The real reason behind this blog is why cant kids be told what to do without taking automatic offense to it? Like its not like i said, jump in the pool and were fighting. They knew they were acting like idiots, disrespecting the place but they thought they ran everything. Then when someone told them to stop, they took automatic offense to it. People need to know when they are in the wrong and accept it. Obviously they had six kids, thought they were tough against my friend and i but obviously that wasnt the case. I dont think these kids will ever fight again unless its a 6 on 1. and the 1 is a dead baby. So i hope we taught these kids a lesson to not act like morons and when someone tells you to chill, just chill. And also, just because you got a bunch of kids to fight with, doesnt mean your tough and going to win.

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