Filmmakers demand Polanski's release UPDATED 4/26/2010


This is the lead story on What the fuck dont these people understand about 'Plead guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor?' This guy got a 13-year old girl drunk AND gave her part of a Quaalude to rape her. These people are upset because 'The filmmakers objected to his being arrested en route to (a) film festival, which held a tribute to him this year'. Holy shit! So they are OK with the fact that he drugged AND raped this girl but its NOT OK to grab him on his way to a film festival because THATS crossing a line? These directors/actors/producers make Polanski out to be someone who is single handedly saving kids from disease in some third world country. HE MAKES MOVIES! Get over it and yourselves.

Then they go on to say its been so long. Really? Do you know why its been so long? He hadnt been caught until now! So, let me get this straight. If you commit a crime (And plead guilty to it in court.) and the police cant get you for X number of years, you win! Oh, its like the lottery!

This is my personal favorite. It is in the petition these dirt bags are passing around Hollywood. The petition, in part, says: The arrest of Roman Polanski in a neutral country, where he assumed he could travel without hindrance ... opens the way for actions of which no one can know the effects

Here are my bullet points on the above statement:

1) They forget to mention he has a warrant for his arrest. Its not like the Swiss police just grabbed him at random. Hey, theres Roman Polanski! His movies suck! Get em!

2) Never assume. You know what happens when you assume.

3) These actions you speak of? Are you afraid the police can come on your private jets and take your cocaine? Does this mean you will have to pull your own brown M&Ms out of the bag and not be able to demand that a minion remove them as per your contract? Will you be forced to realize you are NOT performing (Well, unless it is in a movie or TV show.) brain surgery?

4) If the Swiss, who have been known for their neutrality and turn a blind eye attitude forever, arrested him...what the fuck does that tell you?

I know what arguments you are going to use:

1)    He has had tragedy in his life.

2)    The victim no longer wants him in jail.

3)    He has led a normal life as a productive member of society.

4)    They knew where he was this entire time.

Well, to answer these in order:

1)    There are millions of people in jail right now for committing crimes who have led much worse lives and THEY couldnt use that excuse.

2)    She did get a financial settlement and might not even have gotten paid yet. Polanksi from documents filed in LA Court say as of 1996 he still owed the entire $500,000 settlement and $100,000 in late fees. But, to be more realistic its not up to a single person (even the victim) to make that decision. If we could let that happen without anarchy we wouldnt need a court system or police.

3)    Hes led a normal life BECAUSE he wasnt in jail.

4)    True. But France wasnt going to extradite one of its famous (He was born there.) citizens and we werent going to send in the Green Berets to grab him.

What I dont get is a lot of people on the petition are mothers and fathers. Are you telling me they never stopped to think What if this was my daughter?? Oh...I know...They dont want to be forced to think they ARENT better then the poor slobs who sit through their movies and TV shows. That would make them realize they need to answer to society just like the rest of us.


So I saw on today that former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega will be extradited to France on money laundering charges. I guess the French think it's ok to ask for extradition from the US on very serious charges like money laundering. BUT it would be just plain WRONG of them to have extradited Roman Polanski on child rape charges. That would be going way to far.

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