First Time Hurts The Most - Freedom Is Like Virginity

So I was watching this speech on how with freedom, the first time a freedom is taken it, "damages us all irrepectarably."

I sort of though it reminded me of virginity.  The first time hurts tha most.


All jokes aside though I had to wonder at the deeper meaning.  It speaks to how some offenses can be more than their actions.  Or in this case how a punishment can be more than a punishment. 


We all see this day after day.  We turn our heads at a violent act or a vagrant drunk.  Cuz it's always been there.  What I wonder is where is there.  When did we sell ourselves out. 


It always starts easy enough.  We start to look at terrorist warnings or elevated threat level.  When our safety should be secondary to our freedom.  We submitted to crazy presidents, and renewed construction on the 60s style bomb shelter in our basements. 

Where does it start though, and why is that starting point so profound. It is more meant for our white lies than anything else.  Afterall when it happened the first time we all saw it but thought it's just one little exception to the rule, one little arrest, one little lynching.  Pick your poison but in the end that little injustice in the name of justice hurt us all.


Anyway Imma a bit drunk n stuff so I'll finish this later.  Screw you guys.

Uploaded 08/16/2010
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