Fix the Economy, Fuck the Tax System

For those of you who care about the economy and hate the tax system.  I am majoring in Economics and have come to the conclusion that our tax system is crooked as shit.  For God's sake, they tax our interest earned in banks as though it were interest!  Not to mention that trying to figure out how the hell to fill out tax forms is a pain in the ass that is usually a painful experience for any of us.  My solution to this is to get rid of our fucked up tax system and instill a flat rate consumption tax.  This means that whatever you BUY you pay a tax on, whether that be 15% to 50%, you pay the tax only on what you buy.  This means that if you want to save your money, you don't have to pay taxes on it, if you receive gifts larger that $10,000 you don't pay taxes on it, if you win the lottery you don't pay taxes on it (by the way, they treat the lottery as a gift tax and tax away 30% of it).  The government could split the consumption tax to pay for all of their expenses, i.e. they could put 10% of the consumption tax towards Social Security, 5% of it to roads, etc.  (These numbers are in no way, shape, or form actual figures, I am just trying to make a point).  Anyway, that is my take on how to bring this country's economy back under control.

Uploaded 11/26/2008
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