Flash Fiction Chopper Wars


The American economy had finally started to boom thanks to the greatest video game ever created... Chopper Wars!  With real time action, realistic targets and secret missions the world was now completely engulfed in "Choppermania".  It was none other than Dr. Ron Paul's brain child after he lost the election to Donald Trump. In the end Ron Paul out trumped the Trump.  After Ron Paul's demise most Americans realized that by passing him up as President, it was like turning their back on the Saviour. But due to his strength of character and desire to put things right, he rose to the challenge and created Chopper Wars!

Every kid on the planet wanted the new upgrades promising more exciting missions and prizes for the best pilots, as their Christmas present. The merchandising for this game is what finally pulled the economy out of the doldrums and started a world economic and diplomatic breakthrough. 

 Of course, there were the T-shirts, hats, candy, ornamental statues, but most impressive of all were all the real Gyro-Copters being manufactured all around the World under the Chopper War license.  All the third world nations were pumping out millions of  these highly desired toys.

This Christmas season was especially joyous for  Billy Joe. Living on a family run dairy farm was hard work and took up most of his free time. Now that the economy had recovered his father could finally hire the extra hand, it would allow Billy Joe to finally make his way up in the ranks. 

What Billy Joe didn't know, was about to change the world forever. At about 10:00 AM, the newly elected Commander and Chief, she liked to be called that, Hillary Clinton, launched operation Chop Stix.  With millions of children and lets face it a lot of adults playing Chopper Wars on line during the Christmas holidays, it would be the perfect time to unleash her diabolical plan.  It was a good thing Ron Paul had passed away or he would have died with a broken and defeated heart instead of knowing he left the world a better place.

"The phone is ringing Commander and Chief " said  General Bieber.  
"Alright, that's the signal, don't answer it. We'll be on line in a few moments"  Clinton excitedly blurted out. 
There in the war room the war screen came on line with Chopper Wars. It was the new version with the boldest of campaigns to eliminate all the enemies of the USA past and present. Through a really cool looking computer bot, Hillary was now in charge of what all the players were doing. She commanded huge armies of  choppers to go into China, Russia, North Korea, (I won't list them all, it would take too long), and kill any man, woman and child. 

The people in those countries would fight back to increase the excitement -- it was a virtual World War III and almost everyone joined in the bloodbath. Chopper Wars was now the preoccupation of just about every soul on the planet. 

As the days faded away, something strange started to happen, there were less and less enemy choppers, sure there were still the realistic scenes of people running around getting shot by Chopper cannons, but no "fight back".  It was like the other half of the world just stopped playing.

Eventually, under the command of Hillary all the people in the game were eliminated with huge swarms of choppers covering the planet looking for something to kill. It was quite a shock to learn that the Gyro-Copterx, licensed under the Chopper War name,  built in China, Russia, North Korea, etc, etc, that helped fuel the world economy and brought world wide diplomatic peace, were  being remotely controlled by rank and prize hungry American children.

That was how Operation Chop Stix, under the ruthless leadership of Hillary Clinton finally eliminated all of Americas enemies and  brought about  world population stability so that the world could finally heal itself from man made global warming and all the other icky things we do.
________________________________________________________________________________________Perhaps  on line and armed Gyro Chopper drones  will be  the locusts that plague the nations of the world?

Uploaded 12/26/2011
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