Flash Fiction

This is in response to Majorfatheads Flash Fiction thingy.


Greg the hamster pulls out his potato gun assult rifle and starts blasting away into the crowd of ginea pigs that stampede towards him. the first three rolling over as the bullets hit their cute little noses.

Greg grabs hold of the rope tied to the helium balloon next to him, shooting the knot below it, rising up into the air out of reach of the charging Guinea pigs.

Greg sees the family dog charging towards him, he is not going to make it high enough in time... Just as the dog goes to playfully grab Greg with his mouth, Greg does a double back flip off the rope, landing on the dogs back. he shouts at the top of his voice 'walkies' the dog bounds down the corridor towards the kitchen.

as the dog scrabbles around a corner, Greg losses his grip and rolls of the dog, doing a front roll, ankle grab spin, legs over head, letting go of his ankles and landing on his feet type manoeuvre.

Greg looks good in front of the chicks that chirp their appreciation for his "total coolness" bowing and looking pleased with himself he does not see Mary Ann the home owners daughter approaching. before he can scramble away, she has hold of him and is petting him 'hello misses cutey wooty pink nose'.

Mary Ann takes him over to her doll house and dresses him in a nice poker dot dress and fashionable summer hat. he shrugs, turns around to you, smiles and says 'meh, at least this is not as embarrassing as being a troll that was banned with all his alternate accounts and turned into a faceless nobody. *winks*

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