Foaming at the Mouth

So I live in the shitty town of Ardsley where literally less goes down here then when you have an obese bull dike and a monster black dude in the same room. And so I had decided enough was enough. I was going to throw a party of EPIC proportions. I figured all this out when my mom told me she would be gone for a few days on the upcoming weekend. I told a couple of my friends including the Mayor himself, and of course Shango. I also invited a small midget (ight bug man), a hindu (V J saing), and of course the BAP to come to the party, and I shall he refer to the midget as Bug Man and to the hindu as V J saing. Now of course I would have invited 50 and King, and Aight Aight Man but they were all a little too, lets say, young for partying, as none of them had popped their vodka cherries quite yet. But I digress.

The party started out as a small drinking affair in my room with about 5-10 people. All that was going on was some vodka, beer, a gravity bong and good times. By this time I was probably on 5 shots of popov and a couple beers in about 5 mintues. Pretty soon after that I got a call from one of my friends asking me if he could bring over some upper-class men. I was kinda drunk at this point so I said yes as long as they didnt bring the entire earth to my house. He said no of course not and hung up. But oh was I in for a big surprise.

About 10 mintues later a few cars full of upper-class men showed up. When I saw them I just decided to be like fuck it and let all of em in. Once they were in half of em started setting up shop in dining room playing beer pong and the other took out bowls bubblers joints and blunts. Not only that but they all decided to invite all of their friends over to my house. And of course I said hell yeah they could come over.

About an hour later all hell had broken loose. There were cars lined up and down my entire block with hundreds of kids within the vicinity of my house. There were people I had never even fuckin seen before in my life. And people I never talked to again, all in my house. On top of that it literally looked like snoop dog had come over and started blazing. there was bowl after packed bowl being passed around in my room in some sort of tribal chain smoking session. My friend the hindu had gotten so plastered that he was painted white, and ight bug man took a cig out on his arm. The bug man came over so I thanked him 3 times on separate occasions because I had forgotten I had done it. Another friend of my locked himself in one of the bathrooms and refused to come out before passing out. I had taken another 10 shots of popov in less then 10 mintues so I was passed out on the front lawn.

Apparntly, I was really really really fucked up. My friends had gotten worried about me because I had gone missing. I think I was still passed out on the front lawn. So they got me and brought me back inside. They said that I threw up a full trashbags worth of throw up. Also, my eyes had rolled to the back of my head. Comically however someone poured water on my face and I smiled creepily as if I liked it. I remember none of this. I was also told that I tried But alas a few people thought I was going to die so the cops and paramedics showed up to take me to the hospital. So the night ended with nasshole still locked in my bathroom, the hindu painted white, a pair of two that I wont name because thatd be fucked up getting caught by the cops fucking on my bed and me in the hospital. And if you asked me if I would do it all over again id say hell yea.


Uploaded 10/10/2011
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