Foot's Suggestion Blog - This One's For the Boys!

In the interest of fair and balanced blog reporting, I have now created my list of favorite blogs written by other people.  A couple users appear on the list twice.  That's because they are funny, not because I think everybody else sucks.  Therefore, without futher ado...

10. The Jerry - One of the earliest blogs on the site, The Jerry just wants to say hi.  Sadly, he would only write four more blogs.

9. Swollen - WOWomg had me hook, line, and sinker for a while.

8. Handguns Must Be Kept In The Vehicle At All Times - DarthTolkein's tribute to elderly drivers.

7. Don't Hate Me, But... - One of the earliest entries from strghtjcktgrl that I read, which introduced me to the fact that she is just generally horny.  Plus, this irrational hope that if I include her, I might get a shot at her...

6. My Wife - Do you know what swooter and swoobs are?  You will learn this about HunterDad's wife, and a whole lot more (fair warning!)

5. Inspired by Eshel - Now don't skip this just because I named "He Who Shall Not Be Named" - a funny one from The_Big_Bad.

4. Pronunciation of "Fucking" - Yeah, so he has three on my list, fuck off about it!  This one is hilarious.

3. HunterDad's eBaum's as a Bar Series - even though I never got a mention!

2. Revenge - What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?  Stealing snugglymuffins' lunch, that's what.

1. What Gets Shit Out Of Carpet - The ultimate in "Fuck, I'm glad that's not me" parenting stories.

I hope you enjoy these.  I spent over an hour working on this, so for all the critics, this is the hardest 50 eReps I've ever earned!  STFU!

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