For anyone that is interested!

This is a blog for anyone that is interested in a fabulous deal. It is completely up to you on whether you want to follow my instructions or not. I will list a series of instructions below that can help you get a Nintendo Wii or $250 for free!

Step 1. View my profile and look in the "About Me" section. Here you will see a link towards the website where you can get your Wii or $250!

Step 2. Once you make it to the website sign up and make sure you enter the correct information. This information will be used by them to know where to send your reward.

Step 3. In order to get your reward, you will have to do 1 offer from the A section or do 50 points worth in the B section. I suggest the B Section, you can easily get 24 points by signing up for and it is 100% free! You get a 4 week trial there for free but you can cancel at anytime. After that, you can look for one more offer that equals up to 50 points. Once done, all you need is referrels!

Step 4. After you complete your offer, message my account and I can tell you a great way to get referrels or I can help you with any other problems you encounter!

Now, I understand that some of you will be upset with this blog and I am sorry. That is why I am not putting the link directly on this and that allows you guys to decide if you want to do it or not. I respect your decisions and apologize if any of your time was wasted by this. Thank you for reading this and I hope you guys get your very own Wii!!

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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