For fuck's sake!

I speak for only myself here, but I hope at least one other person shares my sentiments in this:

I'm sick and fucking tired of politics.  That's a sad thing since there's still a month and a half until the election.

I'm not so much sick of the politics as I am of the constant bickering.  It's getting beyond idiotic.  No one is going to change anyone else's mind at this point.  The people who haven't made up their minds don't need the confusing "facts" that seem to contradict themselves constantly being thrown all around them.  So make up your mind.

Republican or just don't like Obama?  Vote McCain

Democrat or just don't like McCain? Vote Obama

Socialist?  Vote Brian Moore

Libertarian?  Vote Bob Barr

Green Party? Vote Ralph Nader (he's still on my ticket as of right now, even though he said he wasn't running)

Independent? Vote Cynthia Ann McKinney

Don't give a fuck?  Vote for my ass.

Not sure yet?  Go to to see the list of candidates, their bios, their experience and access their voting records.


Once you've decide who you're going to vote for, no one else is going to change your mind, and you can't change someone else's.  Live with it, deal with it, and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

Uploaded 09/17/2008
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