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It was the coldest winter I have ever experienced. Freezing breezes shot through the air, the snow was cold enough to blister your skin. I was on my way to by some fresh weed, when I noticed a man all by himself walking through the cold winter wind. He must of been crazy, nobody in there right mind would be out in this blizzard? I parked my deville put on a coat and invited the strange man in. " Where you headed stranger ", He didnt answer he just slowly unzipped his coat. I couldnt believe my eyes He had the biggest flabbiest man boobs I have ever seen! At this point I had a huge boner, his nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds. I asked him his name, he answered " You can just call me Lord_Infamous". I drove him home where I made him some nice hot tea. I remember watching him work his fatass on my bowflex, watching his floppy man titties bounce up and down. I handed him a towel and helped lift up his boobies so he could wipe the sweat off of them.

       He told me to reach into his back pocket, Slowly I stuck my hand in and pulled out the longest black dildo I ever saw in my life! He took it from my hand and asked me where the nearest bathroom is, I directed him to the restroom. Little did he know I drilled a hole on the other side off the wall so I could watch him. That was the greatest night I had ever had. I woke up early in the morning to cook him breakfast. I knocked on the door a couple of times but he never answered. I invited my self in to find that he had left, I began to worry. I put on a heavy jacket and walked outside, I spent the whole morning looking for him I knew he couldnt have walked very far. I followed a trail of energy drinks for hours hoping to find him, unfortunately I never did find him. To this day I wonder where he is and what hes doing. I will never forget his hideously disfigured body or his fat flabby man boobs.

Uploaded 07/14/2009
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