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Well i was bored so i decided to write another blog well this is a skyrim blog for skyrim lovers the platform is Playstation 3 Xbox360 and pc. the style:  1 player Role playing. Publisher:  Bethesda softworks the Release is summer [Xbox360] TBA [PS3 pc]  the name the elder scrolls V:  Skyrim the first Skyrim plc shows its teeth the world of Skyrim is packed with people to talk to, locations to explore, and quests to undertake sinking hundreds of hours into Bethsda Game Studios' sprawling RPG is surprisingly easy given the wealth of content Skyrim is getting even bigger this summer with the release of Dawnguard most focused on letting players delve deeper into Skyrims most unholy inhabitants:   vampires the story of Dawnguard involves the return of a vampire lord named Harkon who seeks to put a stop to his greatist enemy: the sun Harkon intends to use the untold power in the ancient Elder Scrolls to accomplish his goal. while an order of vampire hunters the titular Dawnguard the vampire hunters hopes to stop him  the conflict puts players in a positon to choose sides fighting alongside the Dawnguard to defect Harkon is one option but you can also join forces with the undead and expand your own vampiric powers like the civil war quests in the base game your choice changes the quests you undertake we present players with both sides of the storyline pretty early in the DLC says lead artist Matt Carofano there is a lot of unique content depending on which side you choose regardless of who you side with your choice gives you access to one of two new homes in Skyrim Teaming up with up the vampires opens up Castle Volkihar, an appropriately gloomy and intimidating island stronghold fort Dawnguard a keep surrounded by tree and rocks will be your base if you appose Harkon these fortresses arent just new places to sleep-they have other bonuses too Each fort will provide the player unique benefits says Carofano The Dawnguard will build new weapons and armor to fight vampires including crossbows vampires can grant the player bonuses to vampiric powers powers and give blood potions with heal and count towards feeding you can also become a vampire lord soforth and soforth im getting tired of typeing so ill finish this in another blog this one getting to be too long so that a look into the new Skyrim Dawnguard

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