Forever Mourning Never Living

To mourn.  It is considered such a noble deed.  To show compassion at another's passing.  To be able to be so empathetic.  It is the height of our species to care for the dead.  Or is it?  
To sit and mourn over shit we cannot change.  To invent things aboot the dead that, no matter how noble, probably never happened.  Not to mention the fact that all the time we spend mourning could be spent helping real people.  Or maybe feeding some n1ggers.  This is the sadness of it all.  Instead of living we sit and cry over shit we should have done.  Should have been more sensitive with this or should have transplanted that.  Whatever the case it amounts to a waste.  Just a bunch of crocodile tears.
Further to that after a time you reach the point where you are just hurting yourself.  Like the title says you are Forever mourning and never living.  Along with selling out society you also sell out yourself.  It reaches a point where one can understand why suicide can make sense.  Like someone once said, "Get busy living or get busy dying," or just get the fuck out of the way.
Maybe suicide is some peoples way of just getting the fuck out of the way.  Also maybe it's a wake up to all us people sitting around feeling sorry over shit we can't change.  It may help us see the difference.  It may tell us that if we don't start living and stop mourning we could be just another piece of brain splattered on a wall or ceiling.  
Maybe also we just have to remember how the dead lived.  Did they sit around and sulk?  Ironically the less they cared aboot the other dead the more we will mourn them.  It's some sort of disjointed sick game god plays on us.  Or maybe I am just crazy.  I dunno.

Uploaded 10/03/2010
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