Former Friend

This is about my friend who moved in as a roommate and basically never got a job, and never paid the bills. I ended up having to kick him out, while my brothers almost got into a fight with him.


And so, it seems, my once-best friend

Our roommate status has come to an end

The things that weve seen, and the times that weve had

Cannot correct what is currently bad


And although I know this simple fact

Part of me would like to go back

So many thoughts that flood me now

Along with the burdens I have endowed


But I am done trying to drag you along

You lash out at me, but I know you are wrong

The nerves that you hit, were tapped to my veins

I thought you were different, but youre just the same


Like everyone else, you went too far

Took my kindness, and ripped it apart

Our careful balance all torn asunder,

Once again, Im left, to hurt and wonder


It took so long, but I finally saw

Your true colors are dull, your emotions so raw

I hope that youre happy, in this life, or the other

I wont be beside you, my no-longer brother


And you, I think, will never amount

You cant succeed, cause I have my doubts

This is my opinion, you should know as you read it

Good luck former friend, youre going to need it



Uploaded 09/14/2011
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