Fourth Wall part 1 a semi erotic fictional peice

I saw a few of you writing stories here on ebaumsworld. I used to write stories myself some time ago, I was once very proud of it but right now i realize how taklented I'm not. Still, I'd like to share a story of mine with you. this is alittle peice of incoherant science fiction nonsense with some erotica within. before you read this, first ask yourself if you're uncomfortable with sexual content. I don't think it's explicit myself, but some people might. if you're not comfortable with that, or not mature enough to handle it, then don't read the story. feel free to tell me how awful it is, or praise it if you feel i deserve it. it's probably full of errors. Anyway, without further blathering, here's part one of my story



He felt her nails on the back of his head, urging him forward. He couldn't lift himself an inch to even see what he was doing. It was always absurd that she could do this. She was stronger then him. Stronger then he could imagine. And the was nothing short of overwhelming. He wanted to bury himself in it, delve into it's source until his senses were destroyed. That was why he couldn't. That and because it was what she wanted.
She urged him forward again.

"You want me.." it wasn't a question.
He was silent a long time, just watching her as she circled him. he closed his eyes when he didn't trust where they were looking anymore, and nodded. "Y..Yes."
Her hands were on her thighs then, as she sat back into her throne. Whenever she got there, he didn't know. "You may have me." she chewed on her fingernail. "But do not fail to please me."
He was at her side then. Sure he hadn't moved at all. For reasons unknown to him, he didn't contemplate this. His hands shifted, parting the sides of her dress and slipping it down over her arms, leaving the top hanging at her waist.
Leaning down and sliding back a bit, he pressed his lips to the peak which topped her left breast, taking the tight node of flesh between his teeth.
She allowed herself only momentary enjoyment before pulling him away, her fingers entangled in his long strands, effortlessly removing him from her.
She felt his frustration rise at being denied his current focus. her hand came away from him and gently sliding the dress down over her hips, unfolding her legs and lifting herself up like she was presenting an offering.
An offering it was..He hated not getting to take it himself, but the gift of a willing sacrifice must be savored.

So now she held him there, his frustration growing every moment as she urged him forward, making it ever harder to breathe anything but her scent. He should have loved it, but he couldn't feel any joy in this. She took away all his control and left him weak.
He jerked his head back enough to break free, but even then he knew she allowed it. He must have looked foolish kneeling there with the front of his face looking like it just came up for air, dripping wet.
both hands weren't even enough to clean it all off quickly. She watched him like he was so very amusing.
"I'm not your fuck toy."
She laughed then. A high and false sounding laugh like nothing was funny at all. " are."
"Is this what I am here for Ashe?"
"You use my name now?" she stood abruptly.
"You will not use mine."
"Slaves do not have names." she slid forward like her feet didn't have to leave the ground. he thought it likely that they didn't.
Her thighs closed around him and bared into the sides of his face. He figured he looked quite comical like this.
"I asked you to please me."
He gave a defeated sigh and lifted his head, sliding his tongue between her folds. He retracted it once so he could say his peace before he resumed this task. "Why can you not call me your mate. Just once."
he said nothing else as he resumed, delving into her with indifference.
'Because mates can leave.' she thought nothing else. Any more analysis would be too painful. she rather focused on him.
His indifference hardly mattered. She knew he wasn't trying...not on purpose. but he couldn't help it. He was good. He was very very good.
She staggered some and he unexpectedly caught her backside in his hand, holding her where she stood.
She let him have this. She wouldn't hold him there this time. Just as long as he stayed.

Nathaniel shook these thoughts away as he stared out at the endless abyss, feeling the sand at his back. He would never go back there. Never allow himself to be owned again.

He flinched away from her touch as she reached out to touch his face. "Look at me."
He couldn't stand the sight of her right now. he couldn't look. He knew if he did he would do as she wanted. He would go to her. And he would do just as he had done moments ago.
She turned his head up. "When I tell you to do something you better do it."
He curled his lip. "Bite me."
He felt it, but he could hardly believe it. She had thrown him to the ground before he could even notice. Her nails were digging into his arm.
This was absurd! he couldn't move an inch. "Let go of me you crazy bitch!"
He felt her lips on his neck and a sharp pain stabbed through his skin. Well...he did say it.
He pulled away, her eyes looking more wild then they had a moment ago. "You're staying here with me. I can make you."
he looked away. "I thought there was more meaning then this. that you wanted me for something more."
She was silent for some time. "I do want you."
He looked at her. "Not in the way I thought. You don't even understand the difference. I can't stay here and be this to you."
"What difference?"
He looked sad. "This is not love."
she glanced off to the side. "You can think upon what we have done and say it is not love?"
"Sex is not love dammit. You're as misguided at all of them back there." he indicated upward with his head.
"I took you away from there like you asked. You hated them. You hated that place. I set you free."
"You made me a slave!" he was losing his focus.
"Yes and you are MY slave." she held her lower body over his, dragging herself along his form like a serpent.
he let his head fall back. "Just let me go. This isn't what you promised me."
She growled softly. "To hell with what I promised you. You are mine. Never forget that. I'll kill us both before I let you go."
He believed it. As he felt her stripping his clothing away, and his pride with it. He was owned.
'It might just come to that.' he whispered in his own mind as he felt her fingers enclose his length.
Damn traitorous piece of flesh. He still wanted her.
He awoke by a soft touch on his shoulder. "Nate?"
He looked up. "hm?"
His 'little sister' stood over him.
"Julianna? What are you doing here?"
She sank down into the sand with him. "Looking for you."
That should have been obvious. He was somewhat aware that he was naked as she lay herself across his lap.
His member stayed dormant, much to his relief. He had no attraction to her, no, but he did suffer from the unique ability to always get hard when he was surprised or just happy. Maybe it wasn't unqiue..but it sure felt like he must be the only one.
He stared down at her, gently running his fingers through her short crop of hair. "I would have been back eventually."
back where? he asked himself. he didn't have a home. he just dropped into her house sometimes.
She didn't say anything, she just moved into his hand. For anyone else he would have scrambled across the beach to get his clothes. For Julianna, it seemed futile. They were so platonic it was damn frightening. He could admit she was attractive in her own way, but attractive like a statue was attractive. no statue ever made him feel self conscious and damned if one ever would.
"Where's Jas?"
Jas was his other friend. sadly they were only three left in his pack since he had left Ashe. Some alpha male he made now, ruling over only two submissives.
"She sent me alone. Made some snide remark about me wanting to seduce you."
Jas had always disliked Julianna. She thought she was some sort of whore. Nathaniel never thought so, but wouldn't have cared anyway.
He made an indignant noise and waved his hand in a dismissive manner.
Juliana smiled and looked away, turning back to him she looked accusing.
"You were thinking about her again."
She always knew. he thought about her often. It must have been obvious.
He nodded slowly. He had told the two of them that Ashe had raped him, close enough to the truth and embarrassing as hell. Men don't get raped, at least not by women. They both had wanted to have her killed. They were such good friends.
He wished he could say he wasn't willing. He swore he wasn't to everyone and himself. But he knew even now he craved her touch again. He never stoped desiring her.
Julianna knew this too, or he thought she did.
"You never look sad or angry when you think about her."
So she did know. Shit...
"I know...." it was all he had to say on this subject. Anything more would be the truth, and on this subject he despised the truth.
She left his lap and he thought for a moment she might just walk away before he felt her hold him from behind.
He figured she was telling him it was okay. but he didn't feel like it was okay. he felt like it was anything but okay that he still desired her. The most twisted and abusive creature that he could ever imagine and he missed her more then anything. it was maddening.


Well that was part one, alot more coming if anyone wants to read it. tell me what you think.

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