Fragmented- more unfinnished business

Hold my breath, here it comes again

Taunting death, helps relive the pain

Nothing left, take it all away

It doesn't seem to matter what I say


feel your breath, warm upon my skin

cannot rest,since I let you in

Heaving chest, feel my heart decay

I know you're gonna leave me anyway.


The pain is old, my blood is cold

as it trickles down my back

I feel diseased, my mind's at ease

As I slip in to the crack

you never should have come

you left me undone

without a way to fight it off


 A seperate entry: 


It's hard to describe

A feeling that's inscribed

indellibly on your heart


It's hard to explain

The words are all the same

Emotions are Al a carte


I want you to know

that where ever you go

Your memory is still with me.


I don't know how to speak,

I'm lonely and I'm weak

That's not how it should be


And another: 


In my mind I am unraveling
and my paitience is like my skin
caught in a trap I call my life
promise... broken
whispers... unspoken
altered... being
Image... flashing
Losing... passion
mindless... tilting
flowers... wilting


 More gibberish:


Love can be a fickle, demanding adventure. It is sad to love.
When love is real it is still not enough to change the course of fate, or rivers. There is duty and

dedication to purpose to always contend with. Two hearts can long for each other, and yet be

permitted but a brief encounter. Cherrish what you have. Some would give all for just a glimpse, a

simple taste of it.


 And a final thought for this blog-

When you expose your soul to human interaction, there is always an inherrent danger that someone will

touch it and disrupt it. But- if you leave it hidden, the exact opposite will be true. Everytime my

soul is touched and handled, I feel thankful for all of the emotions left behind. I could not imagine

living with a fortress around my heart.©2010 J.Jenkins


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