Fraternity Hazing is Retarded.

Fraternities are institutions dedicated to scholarly advancement of rich white dudes. Generally frats love hazing almost as much as they love cheating off the Asian kid's midterm. The following are some of the more notable accounts of hazing gone wrong, so come along and laugh at the misfortune of the most fortunate.

A Fresno* State University member of Theta Chi died of alcohol poisoning after attending a frat party. His organs have since been donated, marking the first time in history that a frat boy has donated anything aside from sperm.

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*Fresno is short for retarded.

In Tallahassee, three frat boys were sentenced to two years in prison after they spanked a pledge with a wooden paddle until he lost consciousness. UPDATE: The three men have since joined the Alpha Beta Prison Bitch sorority chapter at Florida State Prison.  

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A pledge at UNC died after jumping off the balcony of a frat house during an initiation party. In answer to the age-old question, "if your friends all jumped off a cliff, would you?" this young man answered with a resounding, YES!

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In Knoxville, Tennessee, a fraternity member was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after receiving an alcohol enema, also known as "Butt Chugging." Many have since pointed out that because any guy who would do that is a complete asshole anyway, any drinking he does automatically constitutes butt-chugging.

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A frat brother at Clemson University died of alcohol poisoning in the most disgusting frat house of all time. His body was found, like a weird gourmet food dish, on a pile of raw steak, puddled in beer and vodka, and seasoned with broken plates. Reminds me of a saying my grandpa used to say, "at least let a man have some steak before he dies of alcohol poisoning."

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